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Sunday evening, August 4, turned out to be hot not only because of climate change: American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez truly brightly celebrated her anniversary in Moscow. As part of the new It’s My Party program, a Hollywood star presented world-class shows on the VTB Arena stage, visiting Russia for the first time after a 7-year break.

Our correspondent visited a concert of J Lo and saw with her own eyes how the legendary diva, after decades of a musical career, continues to amaze viewers and gather fans’ stadiums.

The news that I was accredited to the concert of Jennifer Lopez fell on my head the day before the concert. In euphoria, I listened to old songs and recent hits of J Lo, got acquainted with new material and answered to the questions of amazed friends — “The same J Lo ?!”: these things made my preparation for the grand anniversary party of the star.

Waiting for the press pass to enter the multi-thousandth arena, I stand surrounded by fellow writers. We wait patiently, exchanging questions and our thoughts about the upcoming show. The first thing that catches my eye is the huge work to ensure safety, security and people in overalls are standing around. Just a couple of minutes — and a motley group of journalists is already scattering around the fan zone. I am impressed by the size of the stadium and the reaction of the gathering spectators, all in anticipation of something grand …

That is why no one needed a warm-up. We were ready to meet J Lo with loud screams and pops initially. However, discovering new names, new voices, new music is always great. The duet of Arsenium and Mianna, the rising singer Alina Arts — these talented performers were lucky to perform on the stage, which will soon be occupied by a whole group of artists, dancers and musicians, led by the hero of the occasion.

Dozens of phones with the camera turned on flew into the air. She finally appeared on the scene. Catch with the eyes every honed movement, a bold look, a sincere smile. Hear, see, enjoy. All this is the task of the audience (including representatives of the Russian show business) for the next hour and a half.

Jennifer Lopez seriously addressed us: “Moscow, I love you! Thanks for coming to my party! But I have three rules for you. Everyone who has a party should come up with the rules, right? So, Moscow, listen to my three rules! And obey them. Sing it. Dance. And have fun! ”I can responsibly declare that there were no intruders at J’s party.

“How bright she is!” I hear a surprised exclamation from somewhere to the right. I nod with a smile, agreeing. And even though Moscow was already plunged into night darkness, it was worth taking sunglasses to the party — so the singer shone from the stage.

It`s like if I got to “show in show”: the whole party was divided into blocks with different moods and content. Jennifer Lopez opened the concert with the new song called Medicine, flaunting in a tight-fitting jumpsuit. And then she disappeared from the scene, as spectacularly as she appeared. But we did not get bored. Between the performances of the singer the videos with her participation, included incendiary tracks were shown.

Appearing in a lush red dress on the floor, Jennifer shared with the fans: “I have a great holiday, and I thought a lot about it. The older you get, the more you think, analyze. And here is what I can tell you: dream, strive. You are unstoppable. And it is true». After that, Jennifer Lopez performed the hit of her Australian counterpart Sia Titanium. And the birthday girl completed her concert with the hit On the Floor.

Throughout the concert, a large audience claimed that Jennifer Lopez is a true soul conductor: “Yes, she changed her outfit every song! Yes, she covered this! Yes, she did a backflip and sang upside down! Yes, she turned fifty! ”These exclamations accompanied me until the descent into the subway …

Jennifer Lopez – is an American actress, singer, and producer. She first debuted in show business as a dancer, in 1997 she won the Golden Globe Award for her role as singer Selena. In the role of the singer Jennifer Lopez released several successful albums. Time magazine included J Lo in the top 100 most influential people in the world.

Aysel Vasilieva, Maxim Likho

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