«There are no prophets in your own country …»

«There are no prophets in your own country …»

Мы и мир

By Vladimir Bilyk | January 25th, 2017
Today, on the 25th of January, Vladimir Vysotsky turned 79 years old. For generations of the Soviet era, he became a kind of mouthpiece. He wrote and sang about what millions of people thought. Vladimir Vysotsky`s Poetic phenomenon is unique because he came just in time when people needed him. It was necessary. It was a breath of fresh air, a kind of indicator of the truth. Many people said and wrote, but Vladimir Vysotsky will always remain the first and unique one.
Each of his songs went to the people, and many were scrapped for quotes.
Here are just some of them, but their relevance and prophecy are evident, I think, and they come through the centuries.
«I agree to run in the herd. But not under the saddle and without a bridle! »
«But clairvoyants, as well as witnesses, in all ages were burned by people at the stake»
«Why should I be the soul of the company, when the company does not have a soul at all»
«The sea is calm, but there is no peace in the world»
«The crowd is in a vicious circle»
«Everybody comes back but not those who are most needed»
«I have two egos — the two poles of the planet»
«Who sees only water in the ocean, overlooks the mountains on the Earth»
«Giraffe is big — he knows better»
«You are at the top just for a moment and then you promptly fall down »
«It is up to the whole world, The influenza virus increased in the whole world. This disease is growing and growing…»
«Catch the wind with all sails!»
Poetry of Vladimir Vysotsky – is a kind of encyclopaedia of life. Understanding the meaning of words that he says, you will never want to put up with injustice and mediocrity, nor to live by conscience, nor will ever be a coward and a traitor.
«If the path cutting with your father’s sword,
You drop salty tears.
If you tested in a hot fight, how much is the cost of life —
Hence, you read the necessary books as a child. «

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