«Beauty can be drawn out of the air» — Michael Bublik said

«Beauty can be drawn out of the air» — Michael Bublik said

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By Mikhail Baranov | February 22nd, 2017
In mid-January the concert of young artist, winner of 6 awards «Chanson of the Year» Prize «Golden Gramophone» — Michael Bublik, was held in Perm city. And I was able to talk to him and ask him some questions.
— Michael, why did you choose a creative way, and did not want to work in education, because as far as I know, you have completed the university with honours?
— When I entered the university, I had not learned not to be afraid yet. And if you ask me if I regret this training, I answer no, but if you ask, I would have chosen another profession, I will answer that yes, although I remember those years as a wonderful time with no worries. It is so partly because the university itself is not important, what is important is to understand which area you would better study and develop yourself. I am grateful to the professors from my first university for the four semesters of Mathematics, who taught me to count.
— Tell me what do you feel when you write your songs?
— Nothing concrete. I just sit down at the instrument and check if “the channel is working” or not. Is there “a link to the city center or noise on the line”? On an intuitive level, of course. I do not think that an artist chooses a topic, but the topic chooses the artist, and the lightning is looking for the tree and hit it … or does not hit.
— Michael, but tell me who or what inspires you?
— To be inspired, you just need to be happy and to feel the beauty next to you. When a person has a deficit of environmental beauty, he has no energy. You need to feel this beauty to move forward. It is easy to be unhappy, to be happy — is difficult. All is within us. Beauty can be drawn out of the air. You must be able to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
— Please tell our readers what emotions you are experiencing, speaking in front of thousands of people?
— In a stressful situation, a person makes a decision very quickly, because he does not have the time to think. Speaking about thousands of people, I want to mention Stanislavsky and his «do good or get out.»
— Have you ever been afraid of stage or the public? If yes, how did you handle it, because you feel so freely at your concerts?
— Each time going out to the scene is the micro-stress for me. Therefore, the brain itself quickly finds the correct switch, turns it and I feel like under anesthesia until the end of the performance.
— One more question have you encountered the censorship of your creativity?
— If you’re talking about state supervision, the answer is no, but if you are asking about exacting criticism, yes, and I take it normally. Manuscripts of Pushkin are all scratched in attempts of finding the right words, the correct meaning and rhyme. I take constructive criticism. However, as a rule criticism comes by those who know how I should do better, but for some reason these people do not make any improvements in themselves.
— Michael, can you imagine your life without music? How it would have been your life, if you began to work as a welder?
— Music is just a part of my life. The world is full of different kind of beauty. We have a huge preference to make and it is – our freedom of choice. We can be who we want to be. The desire, work and power of intention — they can make your dreams true. And if you add in this sauce a drop of random luck, you will speed up your self-realization.
That is how we met and talked to a young author and performer of his songs Michael Bublik. I hope that he will reach even greater heights!

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