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If you are at least a little interested in painting, most likely you have repeatedly asked questions: “What is happening in this painting? What do the heroes of this canvas say?” I decided to dream up what plot Ivan Ajvazovsky could depict in his painting “Rainbow” (1873).

“Pass the paddle!” Shouted the captain.

Let him lead, no longer a ship, but a little boat; This did not prevent him from being a real strong commander, whose word for the rest of the team was not even discussed.

“Hurry up!” He urged …

His voice was mighty, like the hand of God, but now, against the backdrop of a ceaseless storm, even it seemed not so loud. If they were at that moment on the ship, in calm weather, he would, at one time, with one exclamation, gather all the crew members. But now, in this terrible storm, the sound of waves crashing against the rocks, stunned the sailors so that they barely could hear the orders of the old captain.

But how well it all began. They were heading for an adventure, in a bewitching sea; bought a ticket to a new life. Some just wanted to swim away from the hustle and bustle. Others scrubbed the deck, worked as cooks or did other things on the ship, in the hope of earning at least some money. For the third, the sea was the work of a lifetime, or better to say, it was their whole life!

And so, they float into the unknown, with their hopes, and dreams.

The sea is dozing, the boatswain is snoring at the helm, the sun is heating the sea surface … And now the ship crew is already close to its cherished goals. Suddenly! Idyll ceases. Storm. The wind ruffles foamy manes; its muscles stretch the skin of the sails — they are torn! The ship is sinking!

And, they, ordinary sailors, die, being hit against rocks, or against the crests of the waves; someone dies in this storm shaking, because, as you know, only bottles in the bar tolerate pitching well.

“Launch the boats into the water!” The commander’s voice says.

The strongest, dexterous sailors jump into the boat; captain is the last one who, according to tradition, leaves the ship. A small shuttle touches the water. «Go!» — commands the leader. And the survivors row from the sinking ship, leaving it and the people who sacrificed their lives to save the captain and others in the boat, far, far away. Most likely, we will never know about the future of these brave souls, however, those who survived will always remember their saviors.

— Hurry up! — calls the captain.

“Captain, we cannot cope with it,” the sailor shrieks hopelessly, “the sea is all in the rage.” — We will die: nature is stronger than us!

— Shame on you! — shouts the captain. — Have you so quickly forgotten that for you, who are thinking: “Should we give up?” Or maybe stop fighting, go to the bottom, and stay in the sea forever?”, Our brothers gave their lives?! Consider whether you, cowards, are worthy of such a privilege. And if so, gather all your will into a fist: be bold and courageous to the end. In the battle with the ruthless sea, it is important to go to the end! You must tell everyone about the valor and courage of your saviors, give them your debt, how they gave their lives for you! Fight for them, for yourselves, the main thing is to win!”

The captain’s speech did not leave anyone indifferent. The commander inspired the sailors, and with new forces they rushed towards the waves.

And now the sailor, who previously wanted to surrender, holds the paddle in his hands and rows to the shore. The storm subsides. The fog dissipates. The sea calms down. In the distance (past), the sinking ship, screaming people, the horror that engulfed the ship. And ahead, as a symbol of hope, a new life and salvation they can see a rainbow …

Maybe everything will work out?

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