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24 JUNE 2019

Everyone knows how important sleep is for the human body. But it is often very difficult for us to sleep, and in principle to wake up. Let’s discuss what a dream is and how to sleep enough to be in form?

Previously, it was simple, everyone agreed that “sleep is rest, the body is asleep, therefore, the brain is resting.” But after more research, scientists found that the neurons of the brain not only do not rest during sleep but work more actively than during the day. While we sleep the brain is busy «repairing the body,» establishing relationships with internal organs and their «recovery.» Sleep is divided into two alternating phases: slow and fast. Children are characterized by fast sleep, and for adults slow sleep is typical.

In slow sleep there is a decrease in blood pressure, a decrease in the heart rate, breathing becomes less frequent, and body temperature decreases.

For fast sleep, everything is different. The muscles are as relaxed as possible while an encephalogram (a graph or a set of graphs obtained by examining the brain) resembles a picture of a waking person.

We will study sleep for many years because this is one of the most mysterious phenomena of our body. Let’s now figure out how to sleep “properly” to get enough sleep.

In the modern world, 6 sleep formulas have been obtained, which we will look at now.

1. The sleep of our ancestors — polyphasic sleep (6 hours)

Formula: 1 time for 4 hours + 1 time for 2 hours = 6 hours.

Our ancestors divided sleep into phases, 4 hours of slow sleep, wakefulness, 2 hours of fast sleep. The waking period was considered sacred — people were engaged in spiritual practices or in reading books. Of all the options for multi-phase sleep — this is the most comfortable option for most people.

2. “Dimax” (2 hours)

Formula: 4 times each day: 30 minutes every 6 hours = 2 hours.

The most extreme sleep cycle. Richard Buckminster Fuller came up with such a sleep technique, after which he always felt incredibly energetic and ready to work. Doctors examined the architect and inventor after two years of such a sleep and found him completely healthy.

3. «Superman» (2 hours)

Formula: 6 times each day: for 20 minutes every 4 hours = 2 hours.

People feel a surge of strength and feel completely healthy, however, there is a requirement that if even a single sleep phase is missed you will feel sleepy and tired. This kind of sleep is one of the creative secrets of Salvador Dali and Leonardo da Vinci. They each found inspiration during the intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness. «Superman» is considered effective and comfortable sleep technique for many people.

4. «Siesta» (6.5 hours)

Formula: 1 time at night for 5 hours + 1 time during the day for 1.5 hours = 6.5 hours.

One of the greatest Britons, Winston Churchill, adhered to just such a routine. He considered that this sleep technique increases your productivity, because instead of one day you get two, or at least one and a half.

5. «Tesla» (2 hours and 20 minutes)

Formula: 1 time at night for 2 hours + 1 time during the day for 20 minutes = 2 hours 20 minutes

The famous physicist Nikola Tesla could work all night long, but most often he used this sleep technique and never felt tired. Despite sleeping 2-3 hours a day, he made a huge contribution to the development of physics and proved that a small amount of sleep does not harm productivity, and later many people resorted to his sleep technique and found it comfortable for life.

6. “Philistine cycle” (2.5 hours)

Formula: 1 time at night for 1.5 hours + 3 times during the day for 20 minutes = 2.5 hours.

Scientists study the sleep patterns of babies, the elderly, and some animals (all that could be studied) and concluded that many animals use such a scheme as “everyman” and sleep on average 2 hours a day. A feature of this mode is a short sleep, which should take place at regular intervals, but which can also be neglected without consequences for the organism. Such a schedule of sleep is considered the most flexible and the easiest to adapt to.

Sleep remains the most important factor in human life and must be appreciated and respected. Healthy sleep is a guarantee of health!

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