3rd of April 2017

3rd of April 2017

Мы и мир

By Ynpress Tot Samij| April 08, 2017
They were shouting,
They were bleeding on the floor of the car,
They were shouting and crying.
And the people from the platform were helping them …
Risking their lives …
The children were crying, and crying,
They were calling their mothers very much.
And someone was crying,
From the loss of blood he was dying.
And someone was calling the ambulance
And he was talking, and saying:
«Here people are dying …
They are bleeding … »

This poem I wrote on the second day after the terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg`s metro, where people were killed and badly hit by an explosion inside the car. The whole country and even the whole world in these sorrowful days condoles families affected by this grief.
On April, 3rd at 2:40pm there was an explosion in the subway car. It was at this time that I was walking home from school passing the Sennaya Ploshchad metro station, from where this terrible death car drove off. When my classmate and I, we were crossing the Moscow Avenue, an ambulance ran right in front of us, followed by the «MES» car. Near the metro station Sennaya Ploshchad, there were a lot of people, three ambulance cars and one fire fighters car were already at the exit from the subway station. I saw a helicopter flying over us. I noticed that two television cameras were near me, apparently the journalists were already broadcasting live.
We came closer and saw ahead of us a policeman and the fact that part of Sennaya Ploshad was surrounded by a colored ribbon. From conversations in the crowd, I distinctly heard that a car exploded in the subway, there are victims. At that moment several firefighters emerged from the metro station: they showed that they were in a hurry somewhere and were very busy. In about twenty minutes, my classmate and I decided to go home, but suddenly we heard the sound of a helicopter in the sky again. And they saw two more ambulances coming up to the cordon. Later, from the news, I learned that this helicopter was flying to take the injured to the hospital. I did not want to be in the epicenter of such terrible events, and I went home.
Together with everybody please accept my condolences to the relatives of the dead and wounded.

Viktor Protsenko

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