How to deal with a broken heart?

How to deal with a broken heart?

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Yuliya Kravchenko | May 15, 2016
Youth newspaper

To lose your beloved person — it is the most painful that can be. I’ll try to help you in getting rid of the pain that you have received. I am writing this article from my personal experience.

Many of us have ever lost their beloved one. Many of us did not know what to do after that. Today I want to tell you how to get distracted and cope with the pain.

Let`s suppose that you have just been left by you boyfriend/girlfriend . Now in your head there is only one phrase: «I’m sorry we have to break up.» This phrase as the ringing of the bell, sounds louder and louder in your head, and then you feel the pain, the pain is very deep in the chest and the pain you cut from the inside … you do not know, how to act now, where to go, because now there is no such person to whom you have given yourself entirely.

So let`s start to act!

Action 1.
To begin, decide what you want the most. If you are a girl, then surely you will want to cry. Do not hold back — cry, cry as much as you want, let your emotions out. Though I believe that the guys, also, sometimes cry because the pain in their chest from the loss of love, exists too. Cry! Cry! Cry! This will help you to splash out a little energy, and maybe all of that energy accumulated after only some words about breaking up.

Action 2.
If after you cried you do not feel better, then let`s try to cope on. Take the headphones and the phone (player), turn your most favourite music on and listen to it until you do not get bored, or until you calm down. Eat sweets, drink milk and think only about the song`s story, nothing more. (Although the song is unlikely to help, if it is about love, I think that it is better not to choose love song).

Step 3.
Then go to your best friend, and tell her all like it is. Talk until you feel better, as long as you can until you breathe a sigh of relief and a sense of satisfaction. Then sit down and breathe deeply. It helps.
Step 4.
After that, just try (in about two weeks) to meet your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend who was the whole world for you, and find out why he/she left you. (Actually, in theory, it should be done immediately, but not all of us have the power to do so). After learning the reason, you can let him or her go.

Step 5.
After you left the ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend go, the person, who had once done very painful, you can confidently say: «He just was not my half!» It is important to remember that in the world a huge number of people and everyone will find someone with whom he would be willing to live forever, but you must be able to wait and to believe that such a person will come to you.
In conclusion, I want to tell everyone who will read this, I know what it’s like to lose the one considered the closest, I know it’s very painful. And the fact that we all first think love is often only a physical attraction. This is natural, but do not consider anyone to whom you are attracted, that he/she is a unique one.

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