The mystery of the cut sausage

The mystery of the cut sausage

Мы и мир

By Constantine Torop | September 1, 2016
I remember, before I went to the camp «Eaglet», I had such a story …
My sister Nastya cooked sausages with pasta for me. Everything was ok, but I started to think. So Nastya asked:
— What happened? Are they not tasty?
— Of course not, they are delicious! I’m just wondering. … Why before you throw the sausages to cook you cut them in half?
— Oh I do not know. So mom does. And so do I…
— Why mom does that?
— I do not know. Ask her about it later.
— Ok.
We had to wait for my mother. When she came back home, I made her tea. She was happy and thankful for it (though I do it for her every day).
She sat down and began to tell how she had passed the day. It turns out that the chief gave my mother a big bonus of money, and on the weekends, our family will go bowling. I was pleased to hear that, but I was not interested. So I decided to go straight to the point:
— Mom, why did you cut sausage when you cook them?
-. A a- a … Why such a question? — She asked.
— Nastya cooks that way, you cook that way. Why?
— I do not know…. So your grandmother cooks too.
I was a little angry to get such an answer, but what can I do with it? Next day I had to call my grandmother.
We talked with her about summer cottage, about the gardening, discussed plans for the future, and then I asked:
— Grandma, I have a question …. Why are you cutting sausages in half before cooking them?
— What? — She asked.
— Well …. How do you prepare them?
— I take the sausage, cut them …
— Exactly! You cut them! Why are you doing that?
— A a- a- a ….
And then my grandmother burst into laugh. She laughed, until I asked her:
— Why are you laughing?
— I have remembered why I do so.
— And why?
— When I was with Sasha (your grandfather) and we got our first apartment, there was nothing in it. Therefore, the first month we ate just sausages (lucky ones!), I mean I was pouring water into the cup, boiled a kettle and pour water onto the sausage, but the sausages were too large. So I had to cut them in half. And then it became like a habit.
I did not think it was funny. But I discovered the mystery. I even felt myself as Sherlock Holmes.
Since then, my sister, my mother and my grandmother cook sausages without cutting them, but I still cut them in half. It is a habit.

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