Komi Republic. Fair of volunteer vacant positions

Komi Republic. Fair of volunteer vacant positions

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By YNPRESS Totsamy | October 10, 2016

Aristotle said: «What is the essence of life? It is to serve others and to do good. “Now people who are doing good work for free are called volunteers.
Anyone can be a volunteer, but not everyone knows how to do it.
On October 5, the «Fair of volunteer vacant positions ‘ took place in the Syktyvkar State University named after P. Sorokin. The most active volunteer associations of our city were presented at the fair. Anyone who has visited this Fair was able to get acquainted with their work and become a member of a particular association.
In total, the Fair was attended by 12 companies:
· «Light of kindness»;
· «Childish Republic»;
· «Kind heart»;
· «The wind of change»;
· «Heart to Heart»;
· «Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Rehabilitation and Correction»;
· «Master Games»;
· «Kindness number 11»;
· «Doctors-volunteers»;
· «Changers of reality»;
· «Cats outside the window»;
· «Charm».
Some organizations attracted the visitors with their bright banners and flags with their printed logo. Also the activists and future volunteers were attracted by crosswords, drawings, photos, games, and akvagrim, and simple information on the activities of the organisation.
In total, over fifty people attended the fair. There were the pupils and students in the age up to twenty-five years old. Due to this fact, young men and girls were able to become a volunteer in an area that they liked the most.
Written by Alice Kozulёva,
Correspondent of «SMEZH» press center


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